April Kepner-Avery

I am April Kepner-Avery and I am a Trauma Surgeon at Seattle Grace Mercy West.

I am married to my best friend Jackson.

I have six wonderful kids. Gabrielle, Isabelle, Michael, Connor, Luna, and Clara.

The seven of them keep me on my toes and every, single, day is an adventure at work and home.


Can’t you just home school me instead?


that might seem like the perfect answer.  But in all honesty that is not the answer.  Your Grandmother Kepner would have my behind if I took you out of the school environment.  And yes even after all these years I am scared of Grandmother Kepner and Grandmother Avery.  



I wish I could tell you Momma, I wish I could but I don’t know what to do. 

One thing at a time, how about we find a way to stop the triggers?  


I’m not sick though. I just ran around too much. You don’t need to be on the case because I’m going home.

Oh so should I ask your Mommy and Daddy if you have been released? 



Maybe, but I don’t want them giving me special treatment or whatever. All the other kids would definitely make fun of me. 

How can I help, Clara?  You have to tell me. 


Everyone, pretty much.


I disagree. 



I—-I don’t know. 

Well I will call the teacher and see if you can retake the test.  Do you think that would help? 


'Cause I'm a fuck up.


Says who? 

This chessecake is really amazing.



Where is mine?  Huh? 

I wanna go home now. I don’t wanna be in the hospital anymore. I don’t like the nurses or the doctors, I wanna go home.

Nolan, even if I asked Dr. Yang and Dr. Robbins if I can be on the case? 


Why are people judging you, Mercy? 


That’s the one. 

You studied, you must have had a panic attack while taking it.  Did something trigger the attack?  


I failed a test. 


The one I know you were busy studying for in between dance, homework, and everything else? 


It was all fun and games until I almost started to dance on the bar.


Please tell me we have video.  

At Joe’s? 


At everything Momma. 


You do your best, baby girl, that is all you can do.  


Hangover is a bitch.


What was last night’s combo?